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What is a Logo?

When you begin considering all the elements needed to build a business, a logo should be one the most important things to work on.  A logo can actually be described as the face of the company.  A logo is an introduction of the company.  It makes a very strong first impression.  This forms a vital part of your brand.

A well-designed logo establishes an instant brand recognition.  This would create a memorable brand and is an easy way to convey to potential customers  that your business is professional, trusted and provides quality goods or services. One best aspect of a logo is that it separates your brand from your competition.  For some reason, a logo has an instant psychological effect on customers and potential customers.

Things to consider for a logo design?

A logo needs to be distinctive and attract attention.  It should be easy to recognise in a small or large print. The shapes, colours, layout and fonts need to be consistent and flow with the idea of the brand identity. It needs to be simple and original.


What you need to remember is that your logo might appear on business cards, letterheads, screens, billboards, pull-up banners, social media, website, shop signage, newspaper adverts, product packaging to mention a few, which is why it needs to be consistent.  With a selection of colours it is best to consider solid colours and not a gradient.

Although great branding is not created overnight, the above mentioned points are important in creating a logo that not only works for building your brand’s identity, but to also assist in running your business.

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